The Arsenio EP

by MSF

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released November 15, 2013

Guitars, keys, fretless bass, vocals, screeches(including vocal screeching and chair), cat mumbles, breathing, drums, fake trumpets sounds, chair: performed by Davey

Engineered by Davey in a room or two
Mastered by Nada Recording



all rights reserved


MSF Boston, Massachusetts

I could be your kill and you could be my one armed soldier.

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Track Name: Arsenio Hall
I'll walk you to your car
kiss you underneath the stars
I'll be your radio at night
Take you to the park, fly a kite

I'll put your name on my casettes
Wear your scrunchies on my wrist
I'll watch Roswell in your room
Heard a car today say vroom vroom vroom vroom

I will never cut my hair
I'll never tip toe up the stairs
I miss your face I miss your taste
I miss your skin
I miss your perfect lips,
your frown, your grin

You're not the one that I love
but for now you'll be enough
Cause before I couldn't fuck
Too depressed to get it up
Track Name: fuzzy
I sat next to a hole, i wanted to bury me
put sands in my lungs, i call it my bed
but Now when I lay with you my bed is what's under me,
On vines in the ground or white holland sheets

When I rise I hope that your next to me,
I hope that you're whispering words that are true,
But words are just fuzzy things, slimy on the inside,
I wait for your call-ALL

Now I sit by the purest spring, singing a happy tune
and hope you will pass me by and stay for the day
And if you don't notice me, then I will bring to you
a lonely and miserable bird that will sing to you
Track Name: a dream a dream a dream
lyrics by bert jansch
Track Name: oh! famous moon
Oh! famous Moon, I am yours,
Look down upon me and see only yourself,
I am a rose garden

You build up your thoughts like a wooden door,
Set fire to the wood
Silence the noise of my heart,
Hold your harmful tongue!